Here are some helpful Apps that have been recommended by Concussion Survivors and Concussion Rehabilitation Programs.

Bluelight Filter for Eyecare adjusts your screen color on your smartphone or tablet reducing the blue light and helps your eyes to relax making it easier for you to read news, emails and websites clearly with less eye strain.

Calm is an app for mindfulness and mediation. This includes learning the life-changing skill of mediation, breathing exercises, listening to sleep stories at aid sleep and viewing relaxing scenes anytime anywhere.

Headspace is an app that uses guided meditation for everbody.  The benefits of meditation have been found at decrease stress, improve sleep, have happier and healthier relationships, manage anxiety and sharpen concentration.

SuperBetter increases resilience – the ability to stay strong, motivated and optimistic even in the face of difficult obstacles. Playing SuperBetter makes you more capable of getting through any tough situation—and more likely to achieve the goals that matter most to you. Proven results in just 10 minutes a day.