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    Within the first year, I spoke to a physiotherapist who I like to call “Physio Steve”. He taught me a simple tool to use so I would recognize when I was overextending myself, when I could push myself a little more or when I was trying to describe to others how I rated my symptoms at the time.
    Red light – Full on symptoms, needing to lay down
    Yellow light – Feeling my symptoms but I was able to still function. For me, this yellow zone grows or shrinks everyday. When the yellow zone is larger for me, I can accomplish more tasks. When my yellow zone is getting close to reaching the Red zone, I need to back off of what I’m doing and take a break to keep myself in the yellow zone.
    Green light – No symptoms

    Do you have a pacing tool you like to use?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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