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2611, 2017

Supporting yourself and Concussion Life

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My name is Keith Yeates, and I’m really pleased to be asked to contribute to the Concussion Life website. I direct the University of Calgary’s Integrated Concussion Research Program, or ICRP, which is a campus-wide initiative that cuts across multiple faculties and research institutes. Our vision is to be an internationally-recognized centre that drives evidence-based care and improves outcomes for individuals with concussion. I invite you to learn more about the ICRP at our website, One very important goal of the ICRP is community and patient engagement, and the development of the Concussion Life website is an important step in that part of our mission. I believe that empowering patients to share their stories with each other, seek support from others who have experienced concussion, and promote their own recovery is very important. My hope is that this website can help prevent the confusion, isolation, and helplessness that can hamper the successful return to work, sport, leisure, and daily life for individuals with concussion. Whether you are in the majority of individuals who recover from concussion in a relatively short time, or in the group of individuals whose recovery is more protracted, I encourage you to help [...]