When I’m struggling, having a difficult moment whether it’s a day, week or month (I know you know) that seems to be when I search for hope the most.  I look for a light at the end of the tunnel, a resolution to what I am experiencing, anything to grasp to tell me it’s going to be ok. I found out hope can be more complicated than I ever thought.  At the same time, I believe and have learned hope doesn’t need to be complicated. Hope can be found in the smallest of moments and when I surround myself with those that support me.  I can lose sight of it at times, but it is always there waiting to be found again.  Hope grounds me,  my emotions, it brings a calm over my body and helps me to keep moving forward no matter how many steps I thought I took back.

My take away: For me, hope is a balancing act of many emotions, but especially balancing hope and acceptance.  Just because I have accepted my injury, my moment or my current struggle doesn’t mean I sacrifice the potential for change, growth, improvement or opportunity. It doesn’t mean I need to lose hope.  Hope may temporarily be cloudy or difficult to feel in a moment, but it is always there waiting to be found. I keep moving forward, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow I move, it doesn’t matter how big or little my set back might be, I’ll always be holding on to hope.