April 6, 2014 was my car accident… head-on collision by 2 underaged girls who stole a car and were in pursuit by the police.  I was in the back seat of a friends car (with no seatbelt – bad Corey).  Because it was a criminal act and the girls were underaged and it wasn’t their car, there is no insurance coverage.  My lawyer is trying to get money from the ‘no fault’ claim centre of the Alberta government.
The first year was the toughest.. I couldn’t drive, I could be around people, I could barely talk and I am a single father 1/2 the time, which made everything that much harder. (he was 6 at the time)  I couldn’t drive him anywhere, I couldn’t play with him, I couldn’t help him with homework, I couldn’t even read him a bedtime story (for the first 6 months).
I had lost of help with C.A.R. (community accessible rehabilitation) – many therapist help me get part of my life back. I had 3-5 appointments a week for 1 year) But, there came a point where no one could do anything for me anymore, so now it’s just a waiting game to see if I get better.
I do see physio every 2 weeks which helps my body issues (and somewhat my head issues).
I worked in the automotive industry for 25 years and I was a musician… those are 2 things I can’t do anymore.
I was a drummer (kinda the worst one to be for someone like us) – but I do play the piano a bit, so that I can do off and on – learning new stuff is sometimes tough.
After the accident, there was not much I could do, so I started painting.  People loved them so much, they started buying my work. (that was tough, I hate selling my stuff, especially to friends and family) – But I was told, i had to pay the mortgage and feed my son somehow.. so I started selling them.  I then made my art into greeting cards and sell them on Etsy.  I have over 130 different greeting cards and xmas cards. (even my 8 year old has made some 🙂 )
My therapist have always encouraged me to do my art (and try to go to the bars to see my musician friends and get on stage and play – if I can) – I do try, maybe once or twice a month, but it’s tough.  My therapist also encouraged me to turn my art into a business in case I could not return to a normal job.  So, I started teaching painting as well.  I do mobile painting parties (like the ones in the bars and restaurants – but I come to your home or you can come to my studio in my home)  I just started wine glass painting as well – That has been great!  I can be around people and teach them my therapy that has kept me positive these past few years.  And now I don’t have to borrow as much money from my parents 🙂
But, unfortunately my long term disability (who has known about my art) has been telling me I cannot make any money or they will take it away.  and If I can make money, then I am not ‘totally’ disabled and they will cut me off.  I think they are cutting me off soon anyways… they been giving me hell for the past year and even stopped paying me 6 months ago until just recently.
So… things that keep me going forward and staying positive (other than my son).  at least once a month, I write a motivational or uplifting post on Facebook. (I get a lot of positive feedback from friends/family – they all tell me that I make their days better after they read what I write – that’s cool)
I paint and I try and think positive and accept my new life.
Last year when things were tough for me, I realized that there are others that are worse off than me.  I also needed to do some volunteer work to be around people and try and use my brain, so I started a group helping the homeless.  It was wonderful!  But it was hard to get people to help and donate and it began to be too much work for me and I had to stop. Plus the fact that I was using what little money I had to help them)  I did start it up 2 weeks ago for a day. – very successful – we made over 50 blessing bags to hand out. – plus winter gear.

so ya… staying positive and making others happy have been my best therapy. – it’s not a cure, but it helps
Well, that was the quick version of my life the past 3 years…. the long version would have taken me a couple days to type out.

I want to share my symptoms with you too… and if you could share yours.  some of these symptoms it took me 2 years to try to explain and some I still can’t.   head pressure, headaches, dizzy, confused, neck pain (which make the head stuff worse), tinnitus, can’t sleep, light and noise sensitivity (very much so) and motion issues. probably more, but I can’t think of them right now.

also, if this helps, it took me a long time to explain this to people… the first year and a half, my hearing and vision issues were very bad.  I couldn’t explain myself until a year ago.  If I was talking to you, It was not just you I could hear, it was everything in the room and the next room and outside.  I could hear the lights hum and a chair squeak and everything else all at the same volume level. My brain heard everything and it was too much to handle.  It was the same with my vision.  I couldn’t just see you, I saw everything behind you and around you as clear as I could see you (I couldn’t focus on one thing) and any movement would confuse my head. (hope that made sense) – if any of you are having these issues, hopefully you can use my explanation when telling someone else.