17 12, 2017

Turning Point

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Every once in a while the fog starts to disperse, the pressure decreases, and the mental fatigue improves.  I call these “optimistic days.”  Unfortunately, a day later or maybe only a few hours later, the darkness returns like a burlap sack slipping over my head – and it lasts for weeks and sometimes months at a time.  I know I will experience another optimistic day, […]

3 12, 2017

Defeating a concussion: a long and winding road to victory

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Of my concussion symptoms, headache was the most dominant and persistent.  From the time of the incident to roughly 1,000 days later, the headache was always there.  Sometimes it manifested as overall pressure in my head, sometimes at the front, back, or sides of my head.  Sleep was the only brief respite from the pain.  In the first few months of my concussion recovery, the […]

26 11, 2017

Supporting yourself and Concussion Life

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My name is Keith Yeates, and I’m really pleased to be asked to contribute to the Concussion Life website. I direct the University of Calgary’s Integrated Concussion Research Program, or ICRP, which is a campus-wide initiative that cuts across multiple faculties and research institutes. Our vision is to be an internationally-recognized centre that drives evidence-based care and improves outcomes for individuals with concussion. I invite […]

7 11, 2017


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a hero…is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. That individual is my friend, my confidant, a wife, a mother and a friend to so many others. Randene…she’s strong, beautiful, kind, patient and professional. Five years ago my life changed drastically when I met her and her amazing family. What started out as “just neighbours” has […]

28 09, 2017

Friendship and Healing

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Perception is interesting…. We all live our lives day by day but we don’t often reflect on how we impact our friends, our family or someone’s path we cross only for a brief moment. Our importance sometimes seems insignificant like we are just there going through the motions, but to others our presence means more than we will ever know. I call myself a friend. […]

2 12, 2016

Corey’s Story

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April 6, 2014 was my car accident… head-on collision by 2 underaged girls who stole a car and were in pursuit by the police.  I was in the back seat of a friends car (with no seatbelt – bad Corey).  Because it was a criminal act and the girls were underaged and it wasn’t their car, there is no insurance coverage.  My lawyer is trying […]

Your story has undeniable value!

Sharing our stories from our perspective empowers us, gives us purpose, builds strength in us and inspires others! We understand the bravery it takes to write your story.  Our stories will provide encouragement to others. Writing and sharing your story can be a powerful piece of the healing process.

Have you acquired a concussion injury?

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Whether you have acquired your injury through sport or non-sport, experiencing a short or long recovery, suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome or sustained multiple concussions you have a story to share. Writing your story is not necessarily an easy task and can feel overwhelming. It can be empowering for you and helpful to others who are similar. Our journeys may look different, but we are not alone in our recovery!

Are you a Supporter? (friend, spouse, loved one, teacher, coach, parent, grandparent etc.)

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Have you supported someone who has been affected by a concussion? The supporter has an important role in a person’s life after they have acquired a concussion.  Sometimes as the supporter, we don’t know how vital that role can be. You have an impact! You have the ability to help the healing process of someone who has a concussion.  We encourage you to share your story of being a supporter as it will help other supporters!

Looking for help to write your story?

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Here are some guidelines to get you started. Use the suggestions that best apply to you. These are not meant to be restrictions to your story therefore, please feel free to add other suitable additions to your story.

Acquired concussion(s)

1. Start by writing down the date. When did your injury happened?
2. How did you get your injury, how did it happened?
3. Did you have initial side effects? Did you receive medical help?
4. Write down your symptoms/side effects. Do they affect your daily activities? If so, how?
5. Are you recovered? Are you still healing?
6. Did you have challenges during your healing? If so, can you describe your challenges?
7. Did you have support? Who were your supporters?

Supporters story

1. Who did you support that has been affected by a concussion(s)?
(relationship: friend, child etc)
2. How long have you/did you support them?
3. How did you support them?
4. Can you provide tips/ideas that helped them?
5. Did being a supporter affect you? If so, how?