Reminders, not what you might be thinking.  I know I can be very forgetful with tasks, words, asking the same question repetitively or even forgetting what I’m doing in the that exact moment.  This time, I want the word reminders to be very present in my everyday life.  Not reminders of what I’m forgetting, but reminders of who I am.  I’ve experienced questioning who I am on this journey.  I know I have changed, I know my present doesn’t currently look the same as my past, but no one’s does!  We are all constantly changing, evolving, growing, learning and becoming something different than what we once were.

My take away: When in a struggle or having a hard day I remind myself not to question who I am, but to understand the circumstance I am in currently.  To dig deep, be inquisitive of why I’m questioning myself and to change my thought.  My thought becomes my reminder! The reminder of who I am at my core and what I value in my life.  They are small, but powerful words that I place where I can see them daily.  I wake up and I am reminded.