What benefit do I experience when I compare my injury/journey to someone else’s?  Not much to be honest, it just leaves me feeling horrible inside!  I feel insecure and unsure in what I’m experiencing emotionally and physically.   I find it’s not helpful, I end up feeling sad and disappointed in myself.  I put myself in a place of self-judgement where I’m set up for an unfair evaluation of my journey and setting unfair expectations for my recovery.  Wow, what an awful place to put myself in!  Yes, there are many common side effects that individuals can experience and often in our medical community, this is information that is required to help with making a diagnosis.  Yet, when I do this comparison on myself, this is the worst place to be in.

There is nothing good that can come from this…or is there?

My take away: I’ve learned to catch my thoughts in that moment when I’m comparing myself to someone else’s concussion journey.  I stop that thought and replace it with compassion for myself.  I quickly remember that no two journeys are alike as every individual is unique, every injury is different and every path of healing will be its own.  I know that I’m doing the best that I can right now.  A wonderful friend in my support group said these words “I’m worthy of the time it takes me to heal”.  I find peace with that statement and often repeat it to myself.  Whatever my journey is supposed to look like, I’m worth the time it takes.  Replace comparison with compassion. I need to be gentle with myself and kind with my thoughts daily, again this takes practice, yet it is completely doable!  Comparison is good when I use it to look at where I was after my injury to where I am now.  It can help me to celebrate my successes regardless if they are big or small.  Comparison can be good when used in the right way.